Island Line Spas

Blue Water Spas Deliver Performance with Advanced Relaxation Technology for Today's Fast Paced World!

When you think about style and luxury in portable spas, you instictively imagine the 'essence' of Blue Water Spas. Our entire Island Line of luxury spas incorporates a unique blend of Elegance, Style and Quality that you should expect in a Hydrotherapy Spa.

Our Island Line of Blue Water Spas is designed utilizing the expertise from Physical Therapists, Orthopedic and Chiropractic Doctors to provide you a clear pathway to better health and peace of mind. Every Blue Water Spa is ergonomically designed to accomodate how your body naturally relaxes. It's a fact, different muscles respond to different types of massage. Our engineers have optimized the ratio of water volume, water flow and the water pressure flowing through the Hydrotherapy Jets. This formula in conjunction with the precise placement of the Hydrotherapy Jets of distinct design and size, offers the maximum massage power required for "Total Relaxation!"

Blue Water Spas are more than just jets and water. They are today's modern way to relax and forget your troubles! In today's High-Stress, Fast-Paced World, it's no wonder more and more consumers choose Blue Water Spas for their personal hydrotherapy. Our Island Line of Spas come with an exciting list of standard features including a Cascading Waterfall! Sit back and relax to the soothing sound of falling water. Bring home those exotic sounds of the exciting waterfalls of Tahiti or Hawaii.

By combining our many years of spa manufacturing experience with today's advanced technology, Blue Water Spas have become the modern Hydrotherapy Spas of choice.

Jets do Make a Difference

What is something that makes a Blue Water Spa different from other spas? THE JETS. Each Blue Water Spa has a wide variety of hydrotherapy jets, specifically designed and positioned to deliver various forms of massage and relief. From vigorous to relaxing, neck to feet, the manipulation and multitude of jets in a Blue Water Spa far surpasses all others. Our Coastal Line of Spas feature 100% Hydrotherapy WATER Jets. Each jet is individually adjustable in both direction and pressure!

Focus on one particular area with targeted, penetrating massage. Or enjoy a more general, jet action massage encompassing many muscles. The choice is yours; the feeling is undeniable. Using the newest jets on the market, Blue Water Spas offer superb quality and advanced technology. WE UNDERSTAND THE BETTER THE JETS, THE BETTER YOUR SPA EXPERIENCE!

Escape with One Touch Ease - State of the Art Programmable Electronic Controls

Set it and forget it. It's that easy to soak in serenity with Blue Water Spas' One-Touch Management Control System.

The user friendly tactile key response allows you full advanced technology control of your spa at the end of your finger tip. This system offers a backlit liquid crystal display for long term reliable use. The Digital Top-Side Control pictured will vary depending upon options chose.

Pocket-tek Technology:
Our Coastal Spa Line features Palm Pilot Diagnosis Capability. The system allows spa technicians the ability to trouble shoot or re-program any system. The Palm Pilot will also detect and read-out any microprocessor problems. The Program also contains the entire manual for the system.

Advanced Technology Microprocessor

The Blue Water Spa Advanced Technology Microprocessor combined with the state of the art solid state switches offers you the most sophisticated control center offered on any hydrotherapy spa. The control center offers the exclusive VDS (Visual Diagnostic System) with illuminated accessory cords for quick and efficient serviceability. This system is offered on all Coastal Line Spas and carries a Five Year Parts and Labor Warranty. The Digital Control Pack pictured will vary depending upon options chosen.

Pure Enjoyment

Owning a Spa is all about carefree enjoyment. So why worry about the quality of water within? You can relax in a Blue Water Spa knowing that careful consideration has been paid to creating and installing superior filtration systems that produce pure, crystal clean waves of water. Over three decades of experience building the finest quality spas has produced an expert filtration system that creates a purely relaxing environment.

All Blue Water Spas' come complete with an installed Ozonator system to maintain your spa sparkling clean, without harsh chemicals. Ozone disinfects water by oxidizing organic and mineral matter. It improves clarity, taste and smell. It removes common pathogens such as E. coli and coliform bacteria. It also increases suspended particle size, aiding in filtration.

All Blue Water Spas are hot water tested for a minimum of 24hrs to ensure your spa will arrive ready for you to enjoy!

We've Got Relaxation Covered - Hard Marine Grade Lockable Cover

Preserve your paradise. Part of the pleasure of owning and enjoying a Blue Water Spa comes from knowing that your relaxing haven is worry-free, low maintenance and energy efficient. Our covers not only help preserve and protect your spa, but they also reduce your monthly energy costs. Each cover shields its spa from the elements outside, maintaining the desired temperature and water quality inside. All Blue Water Spa covers are UL Approved and constructed using the highest quality materials. Manufactured using marine grade vinyl and energy efficient polystyrene inserts, our spa covers are heat-sealed with a vapor moisture barrier to protect against water absorption. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging and help round out the quality construction and attention to detail. Tie downs and child proof locks come standard on all Blue Water Spa covers.

What about Insulation?
Blue Water Spas are engineered for energy conservation and total spa value. Our Coastal Series feature high density foam insulation under the acrylic shell and plumbing as well as high density foam barrier insulation behind the surround. The double insulation creates a captive air chamber that insulates the entire spa and re-warms the water pumped into the spa. Our Durawood Surround features a high "R" value which also aids in insulation.


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